Pete Zimmer


"Captain" Pete is a founding member of the Blue Diamonds, playing a key role in the forming of the band after running the popular St. Louis band Street Beat for many years. In addition to being an amazing keyboardist, he has also played drums in various bands. Where did the nickname of Captain come from? Pete is a licensed boat captain!

Jerry Ewing


Jerry was a successful trombone player in various groups around St. Louis (The Period, Jay Barry, The American Dream) since the late 60s and early 70s. In 1972, he left music behind to start a business and family  with his wife Lorrie, but of course you never get music out of your system, so in 2014, he decided to return to playing, with the guitar as his instrument of choice. He and a friend traveled as an acoustic duo playing guitar, bass and singing harmonies. A short time later he decided to play bass exclusively,  and became the Blue Diamonds bassist in 2019.

Steven Hill

Lead Guitar

Steve has been with The Blue Diamonds since spring of 2019. He is a world-class guitarist who has toured with artists such as Reba McEntire and Hootie and the Blowfish. Well versed in multiple genres and instruments, he is a St Louis high band director, and enjoys spending time with his wife Nancy, his grandchildren, and his time in the air. That's right folks, he's also licensed pilot!!! Truly a man of many talents!

Martin Gibson

Rhythm Guitar

Marty joined the Blue Diamonds in October of 2019. A founding member of the Central Illinois band "Crossborn" and the owner of Rock University, the Blue Diamonds have been blessed with his extensive knowledge of rock and blues!  Marty and his wife, Beth, reside in and are both teachers in central Illinois. When not teaching English or guitar (he is Skylar's former guitar instructor), he enjoys crappie fishing and spending time with his children and two dogs.

Bradley Arl


Bradley Arl is a drummer, bassist, guitarist, producer and recording engineer from Imperial, MO. In his 15 years as a musician, he has spent time playing country, rock, indie, pop, classical, and jazz. In the studio, he has assisted AAA artists such as Keith Urban, Cheap Trick, Bo Diddly, and Midland and completed an internship with the world-famous Blackbird Studios. On stage he has drummed with Love Montage, Joyner and Camille Simonitis (for whom he also served as Music Director). In high school, he was a member of the Velvet Knights drum and bugle corps and Gateway Indoor, where he competed against ensembles from around the world. He graduated in 2018 from Middle Tennessee State University with his BS in recording industry and a minor in entertainment technology. He currently works with his father, Tim Arl, for their company Beerad Speakers, developing class-leading studio monitor solutions.